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17th of August ..oh

Hi, assalamualaikum wr.wb everybody... wah, long time no see you *hehe* ..emm i want to tell something about my journey..hihi I am going to go to Netherlands on 17th of august.. hmm 17th of august?? it is the freedom day of Indonesia.. isn't right? mm..many people said that I will go to a country that had ever colonialized Indonesia on the Freedom day of Indonesia.. what betray myself?? hahaha.. but, we have to open our mind.. Now, Indonesia is Independent country. And, about Indonesia and Dutch is just history. I am going to there to study about LAW. Hopefully, I will be luck there. I will study in Universiteit Utrecht ..hihi I will meet students from Faculty of Law from around the world ^^.. wah the great experience will be.. ------

Sharing Photos

Hello, today is the time to share my experiences. hihi 1. PIMNAS (this photo was taken on July, 11th) 2. At Trans Studio Makassar (23rd June 2012)   here, I was looked taller, because I wore high heels (10 cm). haha see u ~

30 Days Left

Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin .. the activity of PIMNAS 25(Scientific Competition) in UMY was end. It was wonderful event. hehe .. we met so many students from various universities in Indonesia. Wah, It was also the unforgettable moment. ... *back to the topic of the TITLE*  hmmm.. 30 days left i will go to Netherlands, but last night I thought that I felt afraid. However, Mr. Dasron Hamid(The rector of UMY) said "Jaga diri disana".... wah.. I always think and I imagine the situations there, the people activities there, and I am nervous if I remember my English not too advance.  what should I prepare from now? - maybe study about Law more and more (I just pass the 2nd semester), - I can look for the experiences of people who had studied there (browse), - trying to study English more, - buying airplane ticket to Jakarta (before the departure to Amsterdam), and - preparing all of the equipments. yah, I hope that It will be enough. 

Besides Banner of IPOLS

wah, I just realize that there are the new banners of IPOLS :D .. there is myself in the picture.. let's see :)

How to Make Schengen Visa

Schengen Visa as European visa is not too difficult in making process. You have to prepare all things of the requirements, such as passport, photos, airplane ticket, reservation hotel, insurance policy, and of course money. First, you can go to an ambassador of one of 26 European countries in Jakarta which are including in Schengen country. In my experience, I had gone to the ambassador of Netherlands in Jakarta. Then, make sure the preparation has been complete. You can bring the original one and the copy one of all things of the requirements. Next, you could prepare 700,000.00 IDR (for adults) and 400,000.00 IDR (for children) to pay the visa making process. But, in my experience I had got free visa because I will go to Netherlands to study. Second, in interview process is easy when we talk honestly and show the true document. Third, in Ambassador of Netherlands’ visa making process is fast. Just one day your visa will be finished. Finally, you will get your passport back and insid

2 Times in 1 Year

Hi everybody, alhamdulillahirabbilalamin.. This year,I got 2 chances.. Those are going to Netherlands and going to Malaysia. I am very happy. And, It will be held on August 2012..waw can't wait. I take summerschool in universiteit utrecht on August-September, and I passed the student exchange program selection to Malaysia, IIUM, Kuala Lumpur. The student exchange will be held on October-November. Btw, i want to tell little bit my planning.. This is the first time that i go to Europe. I am very nervous. Almost everyday i prepare my departure with learning Dutch language, learning the culture there, and looking for the information of schengen country. Yah, it will be useless if i go to Netherlands without go around European countries..Hehe Yah, this is the general story of my journey. I will tell completely as soon as possible. See you..