30 Days Left

Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin .. the activity of PIMNAS 25(Scientific Competition) in UMY was end. It was wonderful event. hehe .. we met so many students from various universities in Indonesia. Wah, It was also the unforgettable moment. ...
*back to the topic of the TITLE* 

hmmm.. 30 days left i will go to Netherlands, but last night I thought that I felt afraid. However, Mr. Dasron Hamid(The rector of UMY) said "Jaga diri disana"....

wah.. I always think and I imagine the situations there, the people activities there, and I am nervous if I remember my English not too advance. 

what should I prepare from now?
- maybe study about Law more and more (I just pass the 2nd semester),
- I can look for the experiences of people who had studied there (browse),
- trying to study English more,
- buying airplane ticket to Jakarta (before the departure to Amsterdam), and
- preparing all of the equipments.

yah, I hope that It will be enough. 


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