How to Make Schengen Visa

Schengen Visa as European visa is not too difficult in making process. You have to prepare all things of the requirements, such as passport, photos, airplane ticket, reservation hotel, insurance policy, and of course money. First, you can go to an ambassador of one of 26 European countries in Jakarta which are including in Schengen country. In my experience, I had gone to the ambassador of Netherlands in Jakarta. Then, make sure the preparation has been complete. You can bring the original one and the copy one of all things of the requirements. Next, you could prepare 700,000.00 IDR (for adults) and 400,000.00 IDR (for children) to pay the visa making process. But, in my experience I had got free visa because I will go to Netherlands to study. Second, in interview process is easy when we talk honestly and show the true document. Third, in Ambassador of Netherlands’ visa making process is fast. Just one day your visa will be finished. Finally, you will get your passport back and inside it your Schengen visa has been added. However, to make Schengen visa is easy, and I hope you will get free visa as like as mine.


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