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17th of August ..oh

Hi, assalamualaikum wr.wb everybody... wah, long time no see you *hehe* ..emm i want to tell something about my journey..hihi I am going to go to Netherlands on 17th of august.. hmm 17th of august?? it is the freedom day of Indonesia.. isn't right? mm..many people said that I will go to a country that had ever colonialized Indonesia on the Freedom day of Indonesia.. what betray myself?? hahaha.. but, we have to open our mind.. Now, Indonesia is Independent country. And, about Indonesia and Dutch is just history. I am going to there to study about LAW. Hopefully, I will be luck there. I will study in Universiteit Utrecht ..hihi I will meet students from Faculty of Law from around the world ^^.. wah the great experience will be.. ------