Menampilkan postingan dari Oktober, 2016

My Brief Life Story in 2016

Hallo readers, have a nice Sunday, and all greetings from Sentul, Bogor. I hope you all are well today and enjoy your activities in this weekend. Now, here I am, at In donesia Peace and Security Centre (IPSC) area. I am typing this writing in my sweet room (No. 320 of MESS UNHAN). Actually, in this time, I would like to share my experiences in life to you all who read my writing. These are about my education, special moment, and the way I passed through. Last year, I dreamt to continue my study abroad, experiencing the Nottingham University. But then, I found my new goal, my hope, and my greatful gift, that is accepted in Indonesia Defense University (UNHAN) by receiving fully funded scholarship from the Ministrial of Defence in this year, 2016. Thanks for Allah. It is my journey and real journey.  In this year too, I have met again with my senior whom I have known in the previous organization of undergraduate non-academic activity. And through the months, he pr