My Brief Life Story in 2016

Hallo readers, have a nice Sunday, and all greetings from Sentul, Bogor.

I hope you all are well today and enjoy your activities in this weekend.

Now, here I am, at Indonesia Peace and Security Centre (IPSC) area. I am typing this writing in my sweet room (No. 320 of MESS UNHAN). Actually, in this time, I would like to share my experiences in life to you all who read my writing. These are about my education, special moment, and the way I passed through.

Last year, I dreamt to continue my study abroad, experiencing the Nottingham University. But then, I found my new goal, my hope, and my greatful gift, that is accepted in Indonesia Defense University (UNHAN) by receiving fully funded scholarship from the Ministrial of Defence in this year, 2016. Thanks for Allah. It is my journey and real journey. 

In this year too, I have met again with my senior whom I have known in the previous organization of undergraduate non-academic activity. And through the months, he proposed me, and we were getting married in August 2016. Such a wonderful thing comes to my life. 

I make this writing as simple as I could. I do not want to make this being hard and long to be read. So... let’s start!

In somedays, I got some people questioning me about how come I got the information and scholarship from UNHAN. For the truth, the answer will be easy, that is “I got the scholarship information from WhatsApp message”. In the first, I was still dilemma whether to register LPDP (Scholarship from Financial Ministrial) or try to enter UNHAN. I was thinking all the time, and I thought that “LPDP scholarship will be existed 4 times in a year, while UNHAN scholarship will be the last in this middle of April and my chance was only one for this year”.

To be continued, I was thinking hard, and trying to compare each other. Both, actually, require the candidate to make essays. For, LPDP there should be 3 essays (about study plan, your great succes in life, and another one [I forgot the required essay name]) and for UNHAN there should be only one essay (about what you expect, your view and think toward your enrolled study program “Defense Diplomacy”-chosen by me-, It obliged you to write in English). I did all (without any longer preparation, I was confident to submit my essay for UNHAN enrollment eventhough it was created in a hurry).

By asking some people, especially to my mom, I decided to focus more on UNHAN scholarship, At that time, I tried to set aside LPDP requirement. For the TOEFL and TPA (Academic Potential Test), I bought some new books in the bookstores, as like as Longman TOEFL Preparation and some TPA Preparation books. I learnt those books less than a month, although I had not known whether I passed the administration selection or no.

After around two weeks, I got the information that I was selected to be a participant having to take TOEFL Test at UI Salemba, Central Jakarta and TPA Test at UNHAN Campus, Sentul, Bogor, West Java. I asked my family support and blessing. Thus, even in my busy activity being a participant of Advocate Special Training, I went to Jakarta in many times to join the UNHAN Test. Unfortunately, in around a month, I got the announcement that I passed the test and should follow the interview and forum group discussion session. I was so thankful. Without any longer happiness, I prepared again for everything to pass the session (I would never say that it would be easy, what I had to do was having preparation).

Then, time flies. After I came to the last 2 tests, I got the announcement again from UNHAN that put my name in the selected list of scholarship acceptance in the study progam of Defense Diplomacy. Directly I thought this is the best for me and my future, thanks for Allah.

That is about my education in 2016, how I got the scholarship from the Ministrial of Defense.

Okay..... Let’s move to the brief special moment story, readers!

Above, I have already told you a little opening of my story in getting married this year. Yes, my husband was my senior at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), yet we studied in different study program and faculty. I was at Faculty of Law, and he was at Faculty of Social and Political Science.

We knew each other at that time only in professional student activity, such as when there was a student general election at our campus. And, lastly I met him in the middle of 2014, and never had an intense contact until the last of 2015 and the begining of 2016. 

For the moment, we honestly never thought before that we would get married. It ran fast, and never planned until we got support and blessing, we decided to get married (to have a new journey together in the status of married and to get the blessing from Allah). Finally, we got married on August 28, 2016. It was really my special moment in 2016.

Readers, that is my short story for today. I would not make a conclusion. I just want to say to you all, “Follow your life and accept anything you face and get. It may be your fortune, because we never know which one the best for us until we feel that it comes from Allah decision – AAM”. 

See you next time~

With love,
Arum Anggraeni Maulida,
At 5.45 p.m.
October 16, 2016


  1. Hi Arum, thank you for your informative post on how you enrolled into UNHAN. However, may i know the language of instruction in class? is it in English or Bahasa?

    1. Hi Sri, it's with my pleasure. About studying at UNHAN, formally the teachings are using Bahasa Indonesia. But if there are guest lecturers coming, we will learn by using English. Thx

  2. Hi Arum, I've been reading about the UNHAN selections requirement, and I was wondering if you could help me to talk about the essay that you submitted along with the administrations paper, since this is my first time to actually think about taking the same major as yours. Thank you very much, I'd look forward to your reply

    1. Holaa sorry for late reply. For the essay, you should write what you know, think, and expect about the major. Why it is so important, what is the benefit for you and others if you learn it. Read some articles of defense diplomacy and you will get some references.

      If you wanf to see my essay. Maybe later i will share my essay to you. Just share your active e-mail.

      Thank you.


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